$6.5 MILLION CUT: Data Center Optimization

Data Center Optimization

Client Situation

The client is a large state government agency that provides Information Technology services in a consolidated fashion to multiple state agencies. Costs were increasing without a commensurate increase in business functionality or benefit. A holistic solution that could provide multiple scenarios for change was in order.

ISAM Solution

ISAM’s Data Center Optimization provides a roadmap to guide a client to Best-in-Class software unit costs by focusing on those things that drive costs. Product redundancy, product alternatives and pricing issues were identified as areas of focus. ISAM’s proprietary PILS® process generated additional scenarios and potential savings by altering deployment practices.

Usage data was collected along with infrastructure diagrams, contracts and budget spreadsheets. Information was reconciled against all client data and best practices identified by ISAM while working with other similar clients. Corrected entitlement and deployment data were loaded into ISAM’s database. Reports identified areas of focus and the magnitude of potential savings.


A total of seven scenarios were identified and developed. These resulted in $6.5 million in savings. Soft savings were also identified in the areas of labor savings and CPU and storage savings. The scenarios were graded with an eye toward software savings and risk mitigation. The report was delivered in an interactive way that allowed for contextual conversations that maximized potential savings.