€50 MILLION SAVED: Software License & Pricing Analysis

IBM Software License and Pricing Analysis

Client Situation

The client is a large multi-national bank with data centers in multiple European locations. Client approached ISAM with multiple software cost issues. They suspected they were paying too much. They were also anticipating an audit with significant compliance issues.

ISAM Solution

An analysis of the client’s mainframe and distributed IBM software stack was identified as a good start and a foundation for long term savings. Data was collected in the form of invoices, software contracts and license deployment data. ISAM analyzed the data along with client interviews. Our proprietary process and GreenBook database identified several products that could benefit from changes to license metrics or take advantage of replacement products that could fulfill multiple products thereby eliminating license requirements and cost. Further, product and server matching techniques yielded situations that could not exist and further lowered license requirements.

The recommendations submitted were approved for implementation by both the client and IBM. Along with the identified short–term goals of costs savings and compliance, a foundation was set for a long term plan to maintain compliance.


The client realized significant savings through a combination of compliance elimination, license metric right–sizing and product consolidation. Total savings were in excess of € 50 million. In addition to the savings, the client was pleased to find its potential compliance issues minimized or eliminated.