IBM Software Pricing Audit

IBM Software Pricing Audit

Service Description

Our IBM Software Pricing Audit is an easy and risk-free way to analyze and restructure your IBM software costs to assure that you pay only what is necessary to meet your needs. ISAM studies your IBM software and invoices to determine the most advantageous pricing metrics and product bundling options to minimize cost and maximize overall value. ISAM clients save an average of 10 percent on their total IBM software invoices after implementing our recommendations. 

Key Benefits

  •  The IBM Software Pricing Audit costs nothing unless we deliver savings. 
  •  This service is simple to initiate by sending ISAM your IBM invoice. 
  •  This service helps you identify critical measures for controlling IBM software costs. 
  •  The IBM Software Pricing Audit helps you license your IBM software in the most cost-effective manner. 
  •  Our service helps you understand and implement SAM best practices. 
  •  Our IBM Software Pricing Audit elevates your company to “best in class” status among data centers of similar size for software pricing. 

 Collecting Your Data for Analysis 

We begin by helping you collect software pricing data and loading it into GreenBookSM, our Software Intelligence Database. We collect your IBM software data quickly and efficiently from your IBM software invoice. Specific company information is kept in the strictest confidence. GreenBookSM has software pricing data from “Best in Class” data centers of various sizes (total MIPS or MSU) and which represent all industries. Our database is the largest and most comprehensive in the software asset management industry, and we have developed multiple applications to help clients reduce expenses and manage software assets. 

Why guess when you can know?

Our Process

  • IBM Software Pricing Audits begin with a review of your IBM software invoice.
  • We review product lists for functional redundancy.
  • We propose a variety of cost-saving scenarios to suggest specific cost savings.
  • Scenarios include pricing options based on over 150,000 published prices.


  • ISAM identifies cost savings within multiple scenarios in the IBM Software Pricing Audit report.
  • Our report offers tips for immediate savings.
  • ISAM will meet with IBM on your behalf.
  • The IBM Software Pricing Audit report offers a functionality duplication list.
  • Our report also offers suggestions for SAM best practices and long-term savings strategies.
  • We provide tools to raise your company to “Best in Class” status for IBM software pricing.

Project Timeline

Once the data is received, it generally takes about two weeks (less if requested) to produce the IBM Pricing Audit.

Our Experts

The ISAM team is made up of professionals with unique experience in software asset management. Our team members have experience in financials, software pricing, database, and data center management, and they all provide excellent customer service.

Additional Information

After the IBM Software Pricing Audit and the SAS Software Usage Analysis, our Data Center Optimization service is typically the next logical step for the SAM team that’s driven to further understand software asset management and implement measurable cost reductions.