$500K SAVED ANNUALLY: SAS Vendor Analysis

SAS Vendor Analysis

Client Situation

The client is a large federal government agency with multiple data center locations. Out-of-control growth was driving software costs higher at an alarming rate. A SAS contract was up for renewal and changes needed to be made to eliminate costs and set a lower budget curve for the future.

ISAM Solution

ISAM’s proprietary SAS Usage Analysis showed promise as a way to eliminate unused products and consolidate used products onto fewer CPUs. Under the direction of ISAM, SAS usage collection was enabled and data was sent to ISAM through a secure gateway. The data was loaded in ISAM’s database and reports were created based on PROC usage and product consolidation.

A final report was delivered to the client that detailed the analysis and steps needed to realize the recommended savings. The report was given in a collaborative fashion that allowed conversations to maximize the savings and minimize the effects on the end users. Further investigations were completed to pinpoint location of use and the actual users associated with the SAS products.


The client was able to lower costs at contract renewal time by eliminating products and consolidating licenses. In addition, the client saw elimination of upgrade charges during their next CPU change thus showing the promise for ongoing budget reductions. Total savings was in excess of $500,000 annually.