About ISAM

25 years ago hardware was the major expense in your data center.  Today it’s software. We founded the Information Systems Asset Management Group (ISAM) in 1996 to help data centers apply world-class software asset management practices to reduce software costs.

Our consultative approach helps software buyers become better negotiators.  Often, our clients are already doing a good job with the information they have.  But with the additional information and expert advice we provide, they can do a better job getting to the lowest possible cost structure for their data center.  ISAM helps companies negotiate from a position of strength based on what they want, not what the vendor wants to give them.

ISAM’s proprietary GreenBookSM Database contains more than 100 million software cost, product usage and categorization data points from over 800 software vendors across 1,000 data centers worldwide. Actual software costs paid by data centers like yours are the backbone for numerous applications we use to guide your team to best-in-class software pricing. The GreenBook Database is a behind the scenes tool that is not available to the public.  It’s only available from ISAM.

Whether you’re in IT, Procurement, Vendor Management or Data Center Management, we can get you a better price for software today and help you be a better buyer in the future.

Before you negotiate, before your next audit, before you renew your software agreement, we will save you a lot more money.  Talk to us, first. 

Learn More About Us:  Our Values and Giving Back

ISAM is guided by the following values:

  • Community stewardship. We believe in giving back by supporting organizations that work to make a difference in both our local and our larger communities.
  • Family. We are committed to strong families for each ISAM employee.
  • Integrity. Our clients know that they can trust us because we run our business with integrity. 

Giving back to the community is one of the most important values to ISAM. We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to support our communities with both our financial resources and our time. Employees also individually donate their money and time.

We have selected several groups with integrity to support and we encourage others to find ways to give back to their own communities. We currently support the following organizations: