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Software Assets Management

Part of an organization's information technology business strategy, the goals of SAM are to reduce information technology (IT) costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, while maximizing IT responsiveness and end-user productivity. 

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ISAM Services


The management of software licenses and usage within government entities is uniquely challenging, given the complexity of regulations and policies that vary across agencies and government levels. Ensuring compliance with specific regulations is critical to avoid significant financial and legal consequences. Government agencies are responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive information, which requires deeper expertise in security and data privacy. Government SAM requires a tailored approach to software asset management (SAM) that considers the specific needs and regulations of government entities, and specialized expertise is vital to navigating this complex environment effectively.

ISAM has been working with federal and state agencies since 1996. Over the years, we have adapted and evolved with the changing landscape of government programs and regulations. Our expertise and knowledge have helped numerous government agencies manage their software assets effectively and stay compliant with regulations. ISAM's team of experts stays up to date with the latest developments in government SAM and is well-versed in the unique challenges and requirements of government agencies. With our extensive experience and proven track record, ISAM is a trusted partner for federal and state agencies seeking to optimize their software investments and streamline their software asset management processes.

Government: SAM Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations.

  • Reduce financial and legal risks specific to government.

  • Identify cost savings opportunities for government entities.

  • Improve security and data privacy in government agencies.

  • Facilitate adherence to federal and state guidelines.

  • Optimize government software usage.

  • Streamline software asset management processes unique to government.

  • Facilitate reporting and audits for government entities.



As far back as the early 1990s, consultants, advisors, and executives have noted that the mainframe is an outdated computer infrastructure that is both expensive and inflexible. While those descriptions may be appropriate, they miss the finer point that there is a significant percentage of commerce-based workloads that have their home on the mainframe. Applications from Federal and State governments to banks, credit processors, and insurance companies continue to survive and even thrive on the mainframe.

While pro-mainframe programmers and administrators would have you believe it is because of the robust nature of the platform and high level of security, the reality is that it is difficult and expensive to rewrite applications that are as much as 50 years old to new modern architectures. The perception of the mainframe is that it is expensive because of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have invested heavily in the platform and want to see positive returns on that investment.

Mainframe: SAM Benefits

  • Average cost savings of 20%.

  • Long-term pricing considerations for reduced costs.

  • Best practice contract terms.

  • Reduced time to complete the audit by 25%.

SAM Advisory


ISAM's SAM Advisory service is a comprehensive managed service designed to provide expert guidance and support for all aspects of an organization's software licensing needs. The service includes software license optimization, compliance monitoring, contract review, benchmarking, and cost reduction.  

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the organization's software license environment to identify the software applications and licenses in use and purchased. The experts then help create customized software asset management plans tailored to the organization's specific needs and goals. Additionally, ISAM provides strategic input into procurements, product alternatives, and market assessments.

ISAM's proactive approach to software asset management helps businesses to improve their software license compliance, minimize risks associated with software audits, reduce software spend, and optimize the use of their software assets.

SAM Advisory: Benefits

  • Reduced software licensing costs, averaging 10% to as high as 50% savings. 

  • Optimized software license usage, with reductions often used for future growth.

  • Improved software asset management practices, providing greater visibility and control over the software environment.

  • Non-compliance findings from third-party audits reduced by 80% on average.

  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in managing software licenses.

SAM Maturity


SAM Maturity is the level of maturity that an organization has reached in terms of its Software Asset Management practices and processes. Our service benchmarks an organization’s SAM program against industry best practices and frameworks, with the ultimate goal of maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness. By using a proven maturity model, our experts assess your organization’s people, processes, and technology, providing tailored recommendations and ongoing support to help you succeed on your SAM journey.

Our goal is to help the SAM program drive strategic business impact by providing valuable insights into costs, security status, and compliance. With our expert guidance, organizations can ensure firm executive commitment and necessary knowledge and interactions to succeed.

SAM Maturity: Benefits

  • Average cost savings of 20%

  • Long-term pricing considerations for reduced costs.

  • Best practice contract terms.

  • Reduced time to complete the audit by 25%.

Compliance Management


Compliance management involves monitoring and managing software usage to ensure that an organization is complying with the terms of their software licensing agreements. It is essential for all infrastructure environments, including desktops, virtualized servers, standalone servers, mainframes, private and public cloud. The rise of remote work and the use of personal devices for work has made compliance management even more crucial. Compliance management helps organizations mitigate audit risks and reduce financial exposure by identifying potential compliance gaps and providing proactive guidance for audit readiness.

ISAM's compliance management services provide license review, license reconciliation, audit readiness, and preparation for audit defense. We take a comprehensive approach to compliance management, including a deep dive into your software licensing environment to identify compliance gaps and provide recommendations for mitigating audit risks.  

Our experts knowledge and experience enable us to provide proactive guidance and support to our customers, ensuring that you can navigate the complex and confusing world of software licensing with confidence.  

Compliance Management: SAM Benefits

  • 90% audit risk mitigation on average.

  • Expert guidance and support to help you navigate the complex and confusing world of software licensing with confidence.

  • Save money by avoiding penalties and fines associated with non-compliance.

  • Minimized risk through experienced consultants who work regularly with software vendors and independent third parties.

  • Enhance reputation by demonstrating a commitment to good business practices which can positively impact customers, partners, and investors

  • Adhere to all software license agreements to stay within legal compliance.

Audit Defense


Software vendors have the right to review and audit the use of your software licenses to ensure that their licensing terms are being followed and to protect their intellectual property. Vendors conduct audits to check that the software is being used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement, such as the number of users, locations, or devices covered by the license. Non-compliance can result in financial penalties, legal action, and reputation damage. ISAM’s audit defense services provide expert support to help organizations navigate the audit process and ensure a successful outcome.

Software audits can be a stressful and resource-intensive process, and non-compliance with licensing agreements can have severe consequences. ISAM’s audit defense services provide expert support to help organizations navigate audits, protect their reputation, and avoid penalties and costly fines. Our experience with major software vendors and third-party auditors ensures a successful outcome for our clients, giving them confidence and peace of mind during the audit process. With ISAM’s support, organizations can effectively respond and defend against vendor audits, minimizing negative outcomes.


Audits can be daunting, but they also offer a chance for companies to enhance their software asset management practices and performance. Proactive audit defense helps organizations maintain continuous compliance with licensing agreements while improving their SAM practices. ISAM provides extensive support to ensure that clients are always prepared for potential software audits, minimizing stress and negative impacts on their business.

Audit Defense: SAM Benefits

  • Experience a 90% average reduction in findings during the audit process

  • 25% reduction in audit completion time

  • Achieve more favorable audit clauses in subsequent vendor contracts, providing long-term benefits for the organization.




Benchmarking refers to the process of evaluating and comparing an organization’s SAM practices against industry best practices or established standards. Benchmarking is not about copying what others are doing, it is about understanding what works and adapting it to a company’s own unique needs. The benchmarking process can provide valuable insights into areas where an organization can improve its cost optimization.

ISAM has created an industry recognized benchmark utilizing its proprietary GreenbookSM tool that tracks more than 100 million data points that cover software costs, product usage, and categorization. The tool provides information on average and best-in-class costs for vendors, which helps organizations determine how their software costs compare to others of similar size and scope. The benchmarking data includes unit cost, vendor count, product count, categorized detail, and alternatives. With this information, ISAM can provide recommendations for optimization, event management, or negotiation. The benchmarking service helps organizations achieve cost savings, optimize software license usage, and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.

Benchmark: SAM Benefits

  • Gain valuable insights into your SAM practices.

  • Strengthen your negotiating position with vendors.

  • Optimize software license usage.

  • Enhance overall business efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Identify areas for cost improvement.

  • Achieve more favorable contract terms.

  • Reduce software license costs.

Contract Negotiation Support


Contract Negotiation Support refers to the assistance provided by SAM professionals during the negotiation of software license agreements with vendors. The goal is to help organizations obtain the best possible value for their software investments, while also ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and minimizing the risk of financial and legal penalties.

ISAM's Contract Negotiation Support helps organizations optimize software investments and reduce the risk of compliance issues or disputes. With GreenBookSM database and consultant experience, the service includes current contract benchmarking, license position review, proposal and document review, and best practice recommendations. As the most important event in software licensing, the service ensures the following: 

  • Best practices are followed 

  • Software stack is optimized 

  • Contract costs are well negotiated.

Contract Negotiation Support: SAM Benefits

  • Average cost savings of 20%

  • Long-term pricing considerations for reduced costs

  • Best practice contract terms

  • Reductions in software vendor audits or reviews

Licensing Optimization


In today’s business landscape, companies are facing increasing budget pressures, and software applications have become more complex and feature rich. These factors make effective license optimization more critical than ever before. Without proper licensing optimization, organizations risk moving from compliance to non-compliance. They may also fall from optimized to inefficient due to the disconnect between SAM and Procurement. These risks can lead to costly penalties, wasted budgets, and lost productivity, ultimately harming the organization’s bottom line.

Our Licensing Optimization service can help you maximize the value of your software investments by ensuring compliance, reducing unnecessary software spend, and increasing operational efficiency, saving you money, and avoiding costly penalties. We will assess your software inventory, reconcile your licensing agreements, and develop an optimization strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our ongoing service approach ensures compliance and streamlines processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for you to focus on driving your business forward.

Licensing Optimization: SAM Benefits

  • Achieve better control and visibility over your software assets.

  • Make informed decisions about your software investments.

  • Reduce unnecessary software spend.

  • Gain valuable insights into your software usage patterns.

  • Maximize your return on investment (ROI).

  • Ensure effective license position.




ISAM offers a managed service called ISAMaaS for software cost management, optimization, and reduction which is a combination of services under a single banner and contract. It includes ongoing services that can be contracted for specific vendors, leveraging our GreenBookSM database and consulting expertise to provide a regular resource for negotiations and license management. The service manages contracts throughout their lifecycle, measures and manages compliance, prepares for negotiations and audits, and offers a bank of hours and expert services. Each engagement is unique and includes regular ELPs conducted twice per year for each contracted vendor.

Two Levels of Service Depending on Your Needs

Level One 

  • SAM Advisory: Effective License Positions and consulting  

  • Compliance Management: Guidance for audit readiness  

  • Audit Defense: Defense of a notified audit  

  • Benchmark: Regular and ongoing benchmarking   

Level Two

Advanced Service (includes level one)  

  • Contract Negotiation Support for named vendors  

  • License Optimization throughout contract lifecycle  

  • SAM Maturity: Baseline and regular ongoing assessments   

  • Mainframe: Benchmark, compliance and analysis 

ISAMaaS: Managed Services Benefits

  • Reduce software license costs

  • Optimize software license usage

  • Enhance overall business efficiency and effectiveness

  • Identify areas for cost improvement, negotiate better contract terms, reduce overall software costs, and reduce the risk of non-compliance

  • Achieve more favorable contract terms

  • Gain valuable insights into SAM practices, procurement, infrastructure management, and license deployment