Services We Provide

ISAM has been bringing vision, innovation and data-driven insights to the IT management industry for almost 20 years.  Our singular focus is to help clients reduce software costs by hundreds of millions of dollars while maintaining total software compliance.

The two most common issues we encounter are: 1) “Help, we’re going to be audited!”, and 2) “We’re about to renegotiate our software contract and need the best possible price.”  Every data center approaches their compliance or pricing problem from a different perspective.

At ISAM, we know that our proven four-step process–supported by the GreenBookSM Database–the industry’s most powerful pricing database is always the best way to maximize value and minimize risk.  Our proprietary database contains more than 100 million software cost, product usage and categorization data points from over 64,000 software products across 1,000 data centers worldwide. Armed with the knowledge of the actual software costs paid by data centers like yours, the GreenBook database provides the backbone for numerous applications to guide your team to best in class software pricing with a focus on the following areas:

Discovery | License Management | Optimization | Negotiation | Governance

Discovery: maximizing software value begins here.

Documenting exactly what your contract terms are, what they entitle you to, and what your actual deployment and usage is, can be the hardest part of software asset management.  This is especially true for decentralized data centers with less rigorous record keeping.  But accurate records are essential to begin the process of preparing for an audit or negotiating a new contract.  ISAM partners with leading discovery tool suppliers to assist with all-important data collection so you know what you have before you decide where you’re going.

License Management: the key to getting audit-ready.

ISAM’s license management services quickly help you get your software house in order.  Virtually every data center, regardless of size, has or will be audited by a software vendor.  Those vendors hire large consulting companies to help maximize their software audit fees.  ISAM’s job is to come to the aid of the company being audited.

Our Audit Support service:

  • Reconciles your deployment and usage with your contract terms so you’re fully compliant and audit-ready before the audit
  • Forms the basis for optimizing your data center going forward
  • Comes with analysis and recommendations based on over 10 years of experience assisting the largest global corporations in their dealings with the largest global software vendors.

As a pioneer in assisting companies with their software audits, ISAM has been successful 100% of the time in dramatically (and many times totally!) eliminating software audit fees.

Most data centers focus on reducing costs through tighter compliance and better negotiating.  But we know that a typical data center can save three to five times more by optimizing their costs based on what their best-in-class peers are paying for the same licenses.   Our exclusive benchmark process leveraging the GreenBook  database can typically yield as much as 10% – 30% in additional software savings.

Optimization: where the real savings happens.

If you’re ready to optimize your data center, ISAM’s Data Center Optimization Service can deliver:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your entire software portfolio.
  • Exhaustive software strategy and tactics aimed at maximizing future software savings.
  • Recommendations to achieve the lowest possible cost structure.

At the end of the process you’ll have a long-term plan for the right software products, licensed with the right metrics, on the right hardware, at the best prices. We’ll show you how to achieve the lowest possible cost structure through hardware and software configuration changes, optimal product licensing, best-in-class pricing and intelligent product mix, usage and asset management processes.

And if, like many companies, you don’t know if you’re spending more than best-in-class data centers (and if so, by how much…), ask us about a free assessment.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and you’ll know for sure if you’re getting the lowest possible software prices or if there’s room to optimize your data center and reduce your licensing costs.

Negotiation: when you need to know what you don’t know.

They say information is power.  That’s never more true than when you’re about to begin a negotiation with a major vendor. What you need is a cost effective way to analyze your software costs for a specific vendor to ensure that you pay no more than your peers and competitors for the same products.

ISAM’s Vendor Analysis Service:

  • Studies your current software to determine the most advantageous pricing metrics and product bundling options.
  • Uses Greenbooksm competitive pricing data to maximize your negotiating leverage.
  • Includes 12 months of consulting support to help you implement negotiating recommendations.

We don’t stop working for you until you have the lowest possible cost structure for your software, because a “lower” price is not always the best price.  Our clients are frequently able to use an ISAM vendor analysis to drive down vendor costs in excess of 50%.

Governance: ongoing support for continuous improvement.

Benchmarking, negotiating and optimizing are not “one and done” jobs.  Software unit costs continue to decline and data center needs continue to evolve. Software compliance and value creation is a continuous improvement process needing regular industry pricing updates and analysis.

ISAM’s Advanced Customer Support service:

  • Provides regular, ongoing software benchmarking and analysis to minimize software expenses and improve overall software utilization.
  • Creates a roadmap for short and long-term savings strategies.
  • Includes an initial baseline report followed by regular benchmarking updates.
  • Offers ongoing guidance on software and hardware configurations, vendor benchmarks and negotiating tactics to continuously reduce software costs.
  • Most importantly, provides access to our proprietary GreenBooksm database of over $15 billion in software pricing data from over 1000 data centers globally, combined with practical advice from consultants who increasingly know your business over time.