Services We Provide

With a far more complex organizational and IT environment, including both employees working remotely and cloud-based and SaaS technologies, the need to manage both IT cost and risk has never been greater for organizations. Yet, in a recent survey of over 2,500 global organizations, more than 80% believe they lack a truly effective ITAM strategy. Additionally, nearly all think that the fast-changing business, regulatory, and technology environments are making ITAM maturity more challenging.

This is where ISAM can help. With over 25 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes across most industries reduce compliance risk, negotiate best-in-class software pricing, and optimize their IT assets, we can help accelerate your efforts to become a best-in-class ITAM organization. And we meet you where you are, whether it’s the initial or more advanced stages of ITAM maturity. What sets us apart is our experience, flexibility, and willingness to roll up our sleeves and work alongside our clients to help them achieve their ITAM goals.

While we customize our approach to meet your needs and opportunities, we offer the following four core services aimed squarely at reducing your IT costs and compliance risk.

Audit Compliance | Vendor Support | Software License Optimization | SAMaaS

Audit Compliance

While organizations are working collaboratively with their software vendors to an increasing extent, they must also be prepared for a software license audit. Organizations can be expected to be audited every year, with nearly half resulting in a financial settlement with moderate or significant impact.

As software licensing and deployment become more complex within organizations, audit readiness becomes more challenging. In fact, most organizations report that obtaining accurate and complete data regarding software deployment and entitlement is a major pain point in their ITAM efforts. Our Audit Compliance service fully prepares our clients for an audit and includes support before, during, and after an audit. While non-compliance fees are commonplace in any license audit, ISAM has been able to reduce fees for its clients by up to 90% off the original estimate of findings.

Vendor Support

Vendor Support is a cost-effective way to analyze your software licensing and costs from a specific vendor or vendors to ensure that you pay only what is necessary to meet your needs. It is a perfect precursor to a software audit to ensure your compliance gaps are minimized. We study your software, invoices, and entitlement and deployment data and then leverage the power of our proprietary GreenBookSM database to determine the most advantageous pricing metrics and product bundling options to minimize cost and maximize overall value. Our Vendor Support comes with a full year of consulting support to assist you in confidently implementing our recommendations.

Software Licensing Optimization

Cost optimization continues to hold the biggest promise for ITAM efforts within organizations and is the biggest driver of ITAM investment. However, realizing this opportunity requires a more comprehensive approach to ITAM. That’s where our Software License Optimization service comes in. Software License Optimization is a comprehensive analysis of your entire software portfolio and provides a thorough software strategy and set of tactics aimed at maximizing software savings through hardware and software configuration changes, optimal product licensing, product mix and usage management, best-in-class pricing, and asset management processes. It’s everything you need to provide immediate and long-term savings opportunities.


SAMaaS recognizes that SAM efforts aren’t one-and-done.  Security, compliance, and financial reporting all require up-to-date inventory that is accurate.  When multiple inventory data sources don’t reconcile with entitlements, critical decisions are made with incomplete or inaccurate information. By working alongside you in an ongoing manner, SAMaaS efforts assess your IT landscape and based on your biggest needs and opportunities, put in place a plan to reduce risk and lower software costs, all while preserving your hard-won gains in becoming software compliant.  A key outcome of SAMaaS is the ability to develop a “single source of truth” about your software data so key decisions in IT and beyond are made with accurate and timely data.